A Patriot’s Respect: An Experiment, Take 1

I would like for us to try something. It’s a slightly different take on some older concepts all mashed up. I’m going to make a statement and it will intentionally be polarizing. What I want you to do is to comment below with the counter argument to what you actually believe. For example, if the statement was that “bacon is delicious” and you would agree, argue briefly as to why it is NOT delicious. Make sense?

Polarizing statement: It is the government’s responsibility to create jobs.

One thought on “A Patriot’s Respect: An Experiment, Take 1

  1. Yes, it is the responsibility of the government to create jobs. They have power and control over people and businesses and they should use that power to create programs and regulations that will increase the number of jobs. The government knows better than I what is best for me and can lead me to a better, more prosperous future. Bigger government and move involvement in our lives is better for all of us. (Remember, this is the complete opposite of how I feel!)

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