‘Equal Pay Day’

April 8, 2014 was designated ‘Equal Pay Day’ by someone for some reason, which isn’t really relevant to this post.  What is relevant is that in today’s world there really is a false argument concerning equal pay among genders.  This argument is only meant to continue to show a false disparity so someone can be heard.  Granted, there are cases – women working in the White House is one of them – where women still see a pay difference; and unfortunately, there are still some bigots out there, but these are now the minority cases.  The younger generations are showing such disparity is quickly diminishing almost to the point of extinction, but certainly to the point where it hurts society more to talk about it.  First, young, single women working and living in the city with no children have earned higher wages, up to 8% since 2008, than their male counterparts.  Second, women are attending college and earning more degrees than men, and they have been since the 1970’s.  Third, possibly as a result of the second reason, is that more than half of those employed in management and related professions are female, and wealthy women are expanding more rapidly than men by an almost a 2 to 1 margin.

This is simply a matter of choice.  Women and men in this great country still have the freedom to choose their education and career paths, and women are choosing industries where the pay scale is different because the industry is different.  Having children does require women to take time off more than men, but this is again a choice the family makes.

Since this world has never been equal and fair, and there will never truly be fairness, the best remedy is freedom and opportunity to pursue either the almighty dollar or the almighty success story.  As long as you are choosing, and then pursuing, the rest will play itself out the right way.  Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric; look at the truth.

God Bless,


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