Tougher Than You Think

There are quite a few things in life that turn out to be tougher than you think. For instance, I did not think that keeping up with this blog would be so difficult. I have a full-time job, which is very time-consuming, as do the other contributors to this blog. Life in general has brought up a number of distractions from maintaining this site as well.

That last sentence brings to the front the next thing that is tougher than you think…life. Life is not easy, even for those who claim that it’s been easy. A rich kid’s life isn’t easy. Sure, some aspects are a breeze, since he may not have to worry about his next meal and starvation, getting an education, or generally buying “things.” However, often those with money are lacking the more important, but intangible, things in life like friendship and love.

This may not appear to have a whole lot to do with where your patriotic compass is pointing at first glance. However, I challenge you to consider your political positions from the perspective of one on the other side. This is tough, and I’ve made a similar challenge before. Why is this tough? Not only do we become fairly set in our ways through the years, but we want to believe that we are doing the right things and saying the right things for the right reasons. Too often, we have tunnel-vision here. We think that our way, or our party’s way, is the only way. This nearly always false. No one party, no one person, no one has the only right answer. Think about it, because it’s tougher than you think to solve the State’s, country’s, or world’s problems.

C' know you wanna chime in on this!

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