Guns and Fears

Been a long time since I’ve posted. Honestly, I was fed up with the whiners, politicians, and all manners of party-affiliated group think. Common sense should rule and that wasn’t happening, and hadn’t happened in a very long time. The many compasses that make up our lives (patriotic, moral, etc) are spinning, and they are spinning because we are flooded with EVERYONE else’s opinions on a topic, all topics. The irony is not lost on me that I’m about to put my opinion out there either. I’ve many several dozen contact me about writing again and if they’re asking for my thoughts, then I will provide them. Let’s take guns for instance. Common sense tells us that a gun, an inanimate object, can’t, of its own accord, up and kill a person. That same common sense tells us that if a person wants to kill using a gun, just designating an area as “gun free” isn’t going to stop them, and even with security in place and checks at the entrances, someone who wants that badly to kill will find a way to get that gun in there. And if not a gun, then a bomb or a knife or something they feel will fit the bill to take lives. 

Yet, we have these people, from the political to the personal, who think that outlawing guns, creating these gun free zones, or otherwise limiting the everyday citizen’s right to bear arms is the solution, and the only one at that. No, this is a part of their group think and acting on fear instead of common sense. This doesn’t pass the common sense test by a long shot. Now, don’t take that to mean that we should allow anyone to have whatever guns they want. I think common sense also tells us that those with severe mental health issues probably should not have access to guns. Still, be honest, how many of us have had a day when we at least joked about shooting someone? Then shouldn’t you and I be banned from getting a gun? Common sense also tells us that those with violent criminal records, especially that involved guns, probably shouldn’t have guns. My point is that background checks aren’t necessarily a bad thing. 

I’ll close with this, the second amendment talks about two things. The first is a well regulated militia. That means that a militia should be well equipped, not monitored, restricted, or otherwise constrained so that it can’t perform its duties. This is separate from the other half o ft he amendment, which states the right to all citizens to bear arms. Read it again and I think you’ll see that the two parts are separate. 

C' know you wanna chime in on this!

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