Compass on the Fritz

How have we derailed so far from where we have been? America used to be associated with real opportunity and dreams. It was once the Mecca of the free world. There was a time when the people elected Statesmen, not politicians. We need to get back to these times. However, that is not possible if we do not build an understanding among us based on the Constitution. And a major barrier to that is when people no longer accept the power of the Constitution as it was written.

While I personally believe that there is a need to accept Christ’s power above that of the Constitution, I’ll forego talking of my faith further in this regard. Instead, let’s focus solely on the Constitution. Most would agree that it is a living document, or at least that was the intent. Amendments can be added or removed, and the interpretations that come from any viewpoint count on the fact that the Founders wrote it with the intent to explicitly give or deny power to the federal government. A few would argue that it is defunct and no longer applies, but if that were true, then why does it rile them so?

Once we can agree that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, we can grow together from there, to come to a better conclusion than name-calling and arguing amongst ourselves in endless circles. Because, honestly, that is a great means for any enemy to get inside our heads, hearts, and lives. A house divide, right. So if we all want a better America, a brighter future, and one that is stronger together, we need to get our compass fixed and calibrated, because right now it’s on the fritz. Accept that others will have differing opinions and that is okay. Discuss those differences with passion, but also understanding that the other person is fully and wholly entitled to their opinion and perspective.

C' know you wanna chime in on this!

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