Understanding our Compass (The US Constitution) – Intro

Why did the founders feel we needed a new governing ruleset to replace the Articles of Confederation? Who were the authors and signatories? What is the primary intent of the Constitution and has it changed since it’s establishment?

These and many other questions have surrounded our Constitution for a long time, and are particularly in need of exploration given today’s environment in the US of polarization, misunderstandings about the document, and misgivings about the direction it does or does not need to go in the future. If it is supposed to be a living document, then discussion about the changes is imperative. Those changes, however, differ greatly when you ask the left, right, center, or independent. In order to make a wise decision regarding

In the coming weeks, these and many other questions will be explored. I hope that you will all respond with thoughts, questions, and counters to make this interactive and a growing experience.

C'mon...you know you wanna chime in on this!

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